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kraken update

Hello all! Mitch here from Kraken. I'm writing this as an update on things that have been going on down at Kraken, and our future plans.

First off, we have been overwhelmed by the feedback we've been receiving since our opening. It has been a pleasure to serve you all. Myself and our staff members have been having a wonderful time getting to know the Corvallis community - the tabletop gamers as well as the sports card community. Thank you all.

We have implemented quite a few things since we first opened our doors on April 1st. MTG commander on Wednesdays, board games on Thursdays, drafts and modern on Fridays, sports card days on Saturdays, and intro to D&D on Sundays. Our full schedule is located below. While these are "scheduled events," if you're looking at coming in and hanging out with a couple friends to play one of your board games, you're more than welcome! Just give us a call to check table availability. We'd love to have you down if we have room that day.

We have continued to receive your feedback and have been working tirelessly to implement these things. We added some pretty amazing gaming tables, snacks and drinks, music, and much more. We're planning on a renovation at some point where we will be adding TVs for some sports watch parties, live breaking in store, and much more! On the MTG side of things, we have been working hard behind the scenes with selling on TCG Player. We have just achieved TCG Player Pro status and we will be implementing an in store kiosk where customers will be able to seamlessly order from our in store inventory or even order in store pick up.

We also have a flourishing eBay account selling all things sports cards. If you're ever looking to get some sweet deals, be sure to check out Kraken Sports Cards (krakentradingcards)! DM us before payment to set up in store pickup. In regards to sports card buying, our buys from customers will be a bit delayed in the next few weeks. One of our sports buyers (myself) will be on paternity leave for two weeks starting in the next few days.

Lastly, thank you all for being such amazing community members. We have received so much support and kind thoughts after our two break ins, Covid-19 regulations, and other new store growing pains. We understand that we're not doing everything perfect yet, and you all have been so understanding. Thank you for your patience and empathy. Staff and fellow community members have had nothing but kind things to say about our community.


Mitch Gross

Kraken Manager

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August Johnson
August Johnson
15 Μαρ 2022

Are there any plans to stream events?

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